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Design & Operation

Traffic Impact Studies provide an analysis of traffic generated by a proposed new land use and its effect on the existing roadway network. This analysis is used to determine which intersections are presently experiencing problems, as well as identifying capacity problems that will develop as a result of the proposed land use. In addition, First Group will conduct the following list of studies to evaluate improvements requested by local agencies to determine if they are, in fact, needed.

  • Level of Service
  • Internal Site Flow
  • Capacity
  • Need for Additional Turn Lanes
  • Need for Traffic Signals
  • Accident Analysis
  • Traffic Counts
  • Parking Design

It is important to note that these studies are not only useful in determining what improvements are necessary, but also if these improvements are the direct result of the proposed land use or from existing conditions.


  • Traffic Signal Design and Signal Timing using SOAP, PASSER II and TRANSYT
  • Computerized System Control of Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Signing and Pavement Markings, including the highly technical operations of today’s sophisticated pavement marking machinery
  • Intersection Channelization to provide for smoother flow Highway Capacity Analysis
  • Accident Study and Analysis
  • Traffic Volume Counts
  • Street Lighting
  • Impact Attenuator Design
  • Site Impact Analysis
  • Air Quality Analysis
  • Signal Maintenance Training
  • Signal Delay Analysis


The engineers at First Group Engineering, Inc. have designed over 1300 traffic signal installations throughout Indiana, and signal systems in many urban areas including: